‘Dancing With the Stars’ Premiere Eyes Delay as Celebrities Consider Bowing Out Amid WGA Strike

The “Dancing With the Stars” premiere will more-than-likely be delayed — essentially, unless the writers strike is resolved by end of day.

Variety hears that celebrity cast members for Season 32 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” are considering dropping out of the show, as they are feeling rising pressure as the WGA has been picketing their rehearsals this week.

ABC confirmed to Variety that the network is putting plans in place to postpone the “Dancing With the Stars” premiere.

The WGA and AMPTP are scheduled to meet again on Thursday which will be the second continuous day of the two sides meeting at the table after what was an “encouraging” session on Wednesday. Should the strike be resolved today and talent feels comfortable moving forward, the show could go on. But given so many puzzle pieces in flux, it is likely that next week’s premiere date will be delayed.

“Dancing With the Stars” was set to debut with a two-and-a-half-hour premiere on Sept. 28 on ABC and simulcast on Disney+, and earlier this week, sources close to production told Variety that plans were moving ahead, despite criticism from the WGA. However, as WGA picketers hit “DWTS” rehearsals this week, sources say that talent has begun to feel uncomfortable participating in the show, and ABC wants to be supportive of their cast.

However, a large concern in the ongoing situation is the crew on “Dancing With the Stars” — the production employs roughly 500 people, including one WGA writer.

“Everyone’s focus is to keep 500 people employed,” a production source previously told Variety.

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